Simply put, AltiMax stands for ALL TIME MAXIMUM energy towards customer service. AltiMax Courier is a viable and logical choice for your shipping needs. We provide solutions by tailoring our services to your requirements and not asking you to fit your business into a predetermined mold.

AltiMax Courier is an Atlantic Canadian company and was part of the many business holdings of the late Charles Keating. After the passing of his father, Gregg Keating assumed ownership of Altimax in 2006. This Keating Group of companies are well known for their success and longevity.

AltiMax Courier has assembled a management team that is second to none within the courier industry. Our people have a proven track record of success and customer satisfaction.

AltiMax Courier is always evolving to find efficient ways to service its customers. Our team of professionals will always prove through their actions their total commitment to customer service.

AltiMax Courier specializes in the transportation of freight from Toronto and Montreal to or from Atlantic Canada by overnight air service or expedited ground service.

Fiscal efficiency enables AltiMax Courier to pass on savings to its customers. Improving your service to your customers - and doing it with a cost savings - is what we do.

The management team expects the most from itself and its people. Quite simply, we will not fail to satisfy you the customer. We will earn your trust and respect, and never take your patronage for granted.

AltiMax Courier is flexible when finding business solutions for our customers - at a price that is fair and reasonable. You don't have to pay the most, to get the best.

AltiMax Courier has an excellent computerized shipping system that is both functional and efficient. This system provides your company with a high degree of flexibility and functionality.

When dealing with AltiMax Courier, you will always have the personal touch. Everyone at AltiMax Courier up to - and including the CEO - wants to earn your trust, respect and of course your business. Give us your toughest challenge and let us prove ourselves to you.

AltiMax Couriers Mission Statement:

"The Spirit of AltiMax"


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